Filing claims has never been an easy task. It requires that you collect your entire move’s documents from the estimate before the move (which is most likely in your email) to the documents you have signed and received a copy of at origin (pickup) and destination (delivery), that you list any lost or damaged items and provide details about any overcharges or delays. However, here at CSI we will help you understand the requirements and save you both time and money by assisting you in utilizing our system so you have no out of pocket expenses and no wait time on mail services.


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Moving Expenses

Did you know that you may be eligible to deduct the expenses for your recent move?

Want to know if you qualify for government refunds or tax credits for your move? Need help calculating your moving expenses? Want to know which moving expenses you can deduct? Our wizard is very easy to use so don’t hesitate to try. We do not charge you until we tell you if you are eligible or not so don’t wait any longer and find out today! The wizard doesn’t ask you to provide any sensitive or confidential information such as social security numbers etc and it will not store your information for your protection. Call us to get the access code and let our Moving Expenses Wizard do the work of checking eligibility and calculating expenses for you.