The day we receive your claim information in the mail / email it is posted in our system. A Claim Receipt Acknowledgement Notice will be emailed to you within 30 days as required by law, and will indicate the date your claim has been received in our office. The date provided in our Acknowledgement Notice is the Start Date of your claim.  Your claim Status will automatically be changed to “Under Review”. The process of collecting required information from both you, and your carrier and reviewing, investigating, analyzing and settling your claim with your carrier may take 120 days if there are no special circumstances which require the involvement of additional parties such as inspectors, insurance companies, etc. The 120 days time limit is a Federal Law guideline. However, CSI’s goal is to process claims as close as possible to the time they arrive in our office. CSI’s adjusters are analyzing claims in the order they are received in our office. The status of the claim will not change until a determination has been made.