Carrier Services, the perfect balance of technology and the human touch.

We’re in it together, and there’s more to a good relationship than just software. That’s why we’re committed to giving you the support, attention, and advice your moving business deserves. Below you will find the variety of carrier services we offer for your moving company and all under one umbrella.

Arbitration Shield

Interstate household goods carriers must participate in arbitration program and offer their customers the option to arbitrate if a settlement cannot be reached through the claims process. As part of our constant search for ways to assist carriers and become a one stop shop for all carrier services needs, CSI is now proud to offer our NEW Arbitration Program for member carriers. It is our goal to make sure all carriers are have the option to be in compliance as required by federal law.

Need an Arbitration Program? We can help! For a low annual fee, you can now enjoy our Arbitration Shield. A Must-Have Legal Plan!

Claims Service

CSI’s claims adjusters handle moving claims for all moves: International / Interstate / Intrastate and Local. The adjusters are trained to handle loss, damage, delay, overcharge and real property damage claims under both the limited liability option and the Full (replacement) value protection. We handle Insurance subrogation claims and represent moving carriers in all Arbitration proceedings.

When handling insurance claims or Full Value Protection claims CSI assigns certified furniture restoration professionals to assist with determining liability and compensation costs.

Van Lines Claims: CSI’s adjusters have mastered the Unigroup Claims Management System assisting both Mayflower and United agents nationwide. Today we have made a complete transition into the new ADCC system and continue our service flawlessly. Our service reduces the costs of claims handling in more than one way. It allows the agents to focus on providing the best service while being credited for moving claims handled in-house without the cost of training and employing a full-time claims adjuster. For more information click Here

Customer Support: CSI representatives are dedicated to assisting customers with properly filing their claims, as it is our top priority to treat customers with utmost respect and help them resolve all their concerns with a trustworthy personnel and a courteous and rapid process.

Dispute Process: CSI provides customers with the option to dispute their claim settlement offer and allow them a second chance to support the claim they have initially filed for a more satisfying and just resolution. All disputes are reviewed by a CSI senior adjuster and are discussed closely with the carriers for best results.

CSI keeps all records and transactions for each and every type of claim for a period of three (3) years after a claim has been closed beyond the time required by Federal Law.

Military Claims: COMING SOON.

Conflicts & Reputation Management

Our Conflicts Department has mastered the field of resolving a wide variety of conflicts such as complaints filed with AMSA, BBB, DOT and all Public Utilities complaints, Credit Card Charge-Backs, and online consumer review sites such. We help you protect your reputation while communicating your side of the story to the public entities. We make sure to keep your records with the different entities a ‘Satisfactory’ one.

DOT Operating Authority & Audits

DOT Operating Authority As part of our umbrella services, we have expanded and now offer the registration of a new operating authority with the DOT. Dreaming of having your own DOT Operating Authority? We can set you up! Get yourself an insurance coverage and let us do the rest!

DOT Audits When our carriers go through DOT audit we communicate with the auditors on site regarding their claims and tariff questions and provide all the reports and files needed. We provide you the support you need in real time and help you properly prepare for future audits to avoid violations resulting in expensive penalties.

Integrated Customer Service

Our exposure to the claims & complaints filed by customers from all of our carriers nationwide has taught us what are the major conflicts and issues they are most concerned about. As we have mastered the post move problem solving and have the mediation skills required to solve claims and conflicts,  our experience proves that the same areas of expertise are required for overcoming obstacles during transit which makes us the best selection for your customer service needs.

Tariff & Customized Contracts

CSI has published interstate and local tariffs for carriers nationwide since 2008. CSI’s tariffs have been inspected by the local and federal DOT investigators for many years and were found satisfactory.

CSI tariff publishing service includes an electronic and printed copy of your tariff and *free updates while on retainer service with CSI.

Our comprehensive Moving Contracts have been tailored to suit our movers’ needs. They are clear and easy to use and eliminate errors while providing extensive protection even when dealing with unique situations.

Training Services

CSI has been providing training to carriers nationwide since 2006. Our approximately 2 hours seminars have been popular due to the techniques taught and sales results achieved. By following the procedures we cover in our training sessions we help movers eliminate problems occurring at pick up and which can later extend to deliveries.

Sales: Assists sales representatives in understanding the responsibilities their position entails; the importance of providing accurate estimates; recognizing customers’ needs; understanding the ins and outs of the moving industry to better assist customers with coordinating their move while standing out in a competitive market and reaching their sales goals. Training your sales team will assure the prevention of conflicts with customers during the move and will set your drivers up to a successful performance.

Operations: Review the latest updates in moving regulations and safety requirements, provide tools to avoid customer disputes and conflicts, teach the importance of properly signed contracts along with correct compilation and notation of charges, and the different valuation options. Trained drivers are the key to a successful move, good reputations and the prevention of complaints and penalties.

Claims Prevention: Proper packing methods, the importance of accurate labeling, disassembly & assembly methods, proper stacking of trucks, non- allowable items, documenting damaged goods, avoiding property damage. Needless to say, after such a long and tough moving process, keeping your money in your pockets rather than paying it on a claim would be your best interest.

Claims & Complaints Management System

We are proud to launch our new claims & complaints management system which was designed with best user experience in mind for both carriers and customers. Our system allows carriers to closely monitor the progress of their customers’ claims for quality assurance and hands-on approach. The system features instant and detailed reports for QA departments and DOT audits, a payment follow-up system for timely resolution of settled claims, and free unlimited online claim file storage managed by CSI. The system offers carriers the most transparency ever offered by any third party claims service.

It is our goal to assist carriers and their customers to reach a fast and fair resolution of their moving claims.