Our Company

Claims Service International Inc (“CSI”) was originally founded as Claims by Donna LLC on May of 2004. With over 15 years in business and as the leading and most innovative moving claims company on the market CSI has established its reputation among the authorities and service providers to the moving industry. CSI provides a suite of services to movers nationwide. Our one of a kind software, allows us to service many customers’ moving claims in record time while offering transparency to carriers and customers alike.


Our Mission

Our goal is to provide customers with the best care and fast resolution they deserve. Our team of adjusters is dedicated to educate movers nationwide about customers’ needs and expectations while improving the quality of service and its professional execution by reviewing the rules and regulations and the proper methods used for a successful move.

By providing a free of charge and user friendly moving claims system we offer a convenient and rapid option to file a claim and / or check the progress of a claim. Our moving claims system is without a doubt the best tool available to customers and carriers today.


Our Founder & President

Donna Gotlib, CSI’s Founder and President have turned the most paper based service in the moving industry into a complete electronic web based

 system with minimal footprint while turning into a green business. Her computer programming knowledge and moving claims experience as a Moving Claims Adjuster and Customer Service Manager for Mayflower Transit agent, one of the country’s largest Van Lines, has allowed her to combine both passions into a sophisticated yet user friendly software which made CSI the leading moving claims service provider in the country.

Donna, a Certified Claims & Arbitration Adjuster by the American Moving & Storage Association since 2003, has 16 years of experience in the Moving Industry in Sales, Training, Operations’ Manager for large known moving companies, and claims. Donna’s passion for law and firsthand experience in the moving industry has guided her as an entrepreneur in the creation of CSI’s unique moving claims & arbitration procedures and policies. Donna’s vision that education is the key to betterment and her desire to assist both carriers and customers in achieving fast resolutions has turned educating CSI’s employees, carriers and customers alike to be CSI’s top priority along with sense of urgency and courtesy which made CSI the leader and standard setter in moving claims resolution, compliance and customer service.


Our Legal Consultant

Mr. David Smith

David Smith has spent the majority of his career specializing in the shipping and transportation industry, providing corporate guidance as well as custom contract drafting and negotiation to clients at all levels of the supply chain including forwarders, brokers, logistics companies, carriers by land, sea, or air, and final mile delivery companies.

In addition to these services as general counsel, David maintains a very active litigation practice in federal and state courts defending cargo loss and damage claims, independent contractor classification matters, and general commercial litigation. He has had the opportunity to handle multiple federal appeals on issues ranging from broker liability for cargo loss and damage, claim filing requirements, procedural standards affecting burdens for limitations of liability, and the application of the Montreal Protocol to different portions of intermodal routing.

With the knowledge and experience forged via his extensive litigation and appellate practice, David aims his contract drafting and negotiation to eliminate or limit practical, real-world risks that he has recently confronted. By reverse engineering contracts for his clients from this litigation perspective he effectively sets the legal background to create predictable outcomes.


Our Team

CSI’s team of adjusters has been professionally trained to analyze household goods moving claims such as Basic Valuation Protection of 60 cents per pound per article, Depreciated Value and Full Value Claims. The adjusters handle moving claims for loss, damage, delay, overcharge and complaints. While they review, analyze and settle claims, the adjusters communicate with both customers and carriers. CSI’s adjusters will at all times during their claims investigation maintain an ethical, courteous and neutral approach.

Our customer service and intake representatives work closely and diligently with customers and carriers alike. They assist customers in correctly filling their moving claims and carrier by collecting the information necessary for the proper investigation of one.