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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the movers delay the delivery of my shipment?2018-06-20T07:14:35-04:00

Movers don’t usually delay shipments unless necessary due to holdups by previous deliveries or for reasons beyond their control such as mechanical malfunctions, road or weather conditions, riots or strikes. Read more

What is an inventory?2018-06-20T07:14:35-04:00

The inventory is a table listing all the items tendered to your mover for shipping. It is usually conducted at the time of pick up after items have been wrapped and or packed for shipping and labeled for identification purposes. Read more

What is a bill of lading?2018-06-20T07:14:35-04:00

The Bill of Lading is the contract signed between you and the mover. It details the services agreed upon and the charges associated with the services. Read more

May my mover have agents?2018-06-20T07:14:35-04:00

Yes. Movers use their agents for pickups in locations away from their headquarters or for deliveries when their own fleet is occupied. Read more

Do I have any responsibilities to my mover?2018-06-20T07:14:35-04:00

Generally when signing contractual agreements, both parties have responsibilities. The responsibilities usually concern the actions to be taken if the agreement is not executed as agreed upon by the parties. The moving industry is not any different. Read more…

How do I know if I have insurance?2018-06-20T07:14:35-04:00

Insurance coverage requires that you sign some documents with an insurance agent, pay a premium and get a copy of your policy. Movers are not allowed to sell insurance unless they are also licensed insurance agents. Most movers are not but instead they may refer you to their Third Party Insurance Agent to purchase insurance from.

Do I have full (replacement) value protection?2018-06-20T07:14:35-04:00

Full Value (Replacement) Protection is a valuation option that costs money. If you didn’t have a specific charge for such coverage you most likely don’t have that coverage and therefore have enjoyed a lower cost move. The best way to know is to check your Bill of Lading and see which option you have chosen.

Do you provide service to customers in other states than Florida?2018-06-20T07:14:35-04:00

Yes! We service carriers and their customers Nationwide. However, our business hours are Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM; Eastern Standard Time.

Do you handle claims for damaged items only?2018-06-20T07:14:35-04:00

No. We handle claims for loss, damage, delay, overcharge and Complaint. When filing your claim, you should include all of your concerns in your claim. We will investigate and address each and every concern expressed in your claim. Items or concerns not included in your claim will not be addresses, responded to or added at a later time.

Do I need to pay for this service?2018-06-20T07:14:35-04:00

Absolutely NOT! This service is completely free for customers of our participating carriers.

Are you affiliated with the moving company?2018-06-20T07:14:35-04:00

We are not affiliated with any of the carriers to which we provide services. We are a third party claims service company. Many carriers choose to outsource their claims service the same way they would choose to out source their bookkeeping and accounting to a third party company for various reasons such as: Cost efficiency, Personnel deficiency, Personnel Qualifications, etc. CSI as a third party claims company analyzes claims based on the individual carrier’s terms & conditions and state and federal regulations.

How long until I get my check?2018-06-20T07:14:35-04:00

In most cases settlement checks are mailed out within a week or two from the date the carrier receives the signed release from us. Some carriers have specific dates to issue checks and some carriers mail out settlement checks within 30 days of receipt of the signed release. CSI is requesting carriers to issue checks no later than 45 days of receipt of the signed release. This time frame is an internal requirement and not a legal requirement. You may contact us if you need assistance inquiring about your settlement check or you may contact your carrier directly for more specific information.

How will I be contacted about my claim?2021-10-27T10:15:23-04:00

All correspondence is via email by your claim’s dedicated case manager. We may call you for additional information or clarifications regarding your claim.

What is the status of my claim?2018-06-20T07:14:35-04:00

The day we receive your claim information in the mail / email it is posted in our system. A Claim Receipt Acknowledgement Notice will be emailed to you within 30 days as required by law, and will indicate the date your claim has been received in our office. The date provided in our Acknowledgement Notice is the Start Date of your claim.  Your claim Status will automatically be changed to “Under Review”. The process of collecting required information from both you, and your carrier and reviewing, investigating, analyzing and settling your claim with your carrier may take 120 days if there are no special circumstances which require the involvement of additional parties such as inspectors, insurance companies, etc. The 120 days time limit is a Federal Law guideline. However, CSI’s goal is to process claims as close as possible to the time they arrive in our office. CSI’s adjusters are analyzing claims in the order they are received in our office. The status of the claim will not change until a determination has been made.

How do I file my Claim?2018-06-20T07:14:35-04:00

All claims start at our Customer Center. The first time you visit the center you will need to register online to create a claim account. This is NOT your claim it is just your online account. Once we receive your information in our system we will verify it with your carrier so we can properly assign you to your carrier and provide you a claim number. We will then email you your login credentials to the email you have registered with. In your claim account you will be able to file your claim and upload supporting documents. If you wish to have a claim form mailed to you, please register and then contact our office to request it.

What is the time limit to file a claim?2018-06-20T07:14:35-04:00

For interstate / International / Local California moves it is up to 9 months from the date of the delivery. For local and intrastate moves in all other states other than California, it depends on each state’s regulations. In most states it is between 15-90 days from the date of the delivery. Check with your carrier directly or on the back of your Bill of Lading, for your specific claim filing time limits.

How long does the process take?2018-06-20T07:14:35-04:00

For Interstate Moves – your carrier has 120 days to provide a settlement offer for your claim, from the date your complete claim along with all required documents is received in their office. If claims can’t be settled or denied within that time, an extension notice must be sent to the customer within every consecutive 60 days period.

For Local Moves – Since there are no specific time limitations regulated by the different states, CSI has decided to treat local / Intrastate moves as Interstate move (120 days) so that claims are adjusted in a timely manner. Local / Intrastate moves in the state of California are reviewed within 30 days as required by the California PUC.

CSI as the assigned third party claims company follows the same requirements of your carrier’s. However, as part of our customer service we strive to offer a speedy resolution.