Welcome to CSI!

We know that if you are visiting this website two things must have happened:

  1. You recently relocated to a new home.
  2. Something must have went wrong with your move.

Although by this time we can’t undo the inconvenience you have experienced, what we can do is promise that your CSI experience will be better and that we will work closely with your carrier to satisfy your claim.

We at CSI understand the importance of personal attention and courteous Customer Service in an era where advanced technology substitutes the human touch. Although we invest in technology in an attempt to reduce our ecological print while becoming a green business, our developers are working diligently to assure the maximum availability to assist customers via mail, email and incoming calls. CSI’s one of a kind moving claims software is offered to you free of charge and is intended to assist you with an easy to use claim filing and documents tracking system for a rapid resolution of your claim.

Who Are We?

CSI is a third party claims company hired by carriers in order to provide free and professional claims processing services to its customers who may have experienced Loss, Damage, Delay, or Overcharge during their relocation. CSI collects information from both the carriers and their customers in order to determine settlement amounts per the carrier’s legal liability as detailed in the carrier’s governing Bill of Lading and applicable tariff and in conjunction with federal law. Although the determination process may not always be a complicated one, the different circumstances surrounding each and every move can make each claim unique. Read more…

Customer Center

The customer center is where you will find the different service options CSI has to offer to you.

We know filing a claim can be intimidating and overwhelming so we want you to know that we are here to help. You can always check the FAQ menu if you wish to read some materials which can provide you immediate answers or call us for assistance and you will get a friendly representative ready to happily guide you through our system. Feel free to choose the method suitable for you so you can start working on your claim’s burning matters with no further delays. Visit our center for additional services.  Read more…

CSI’s Choice Award

CSI has been servicing carriers nationwide and just like you they contact us when something goes wrong. The daily routine at CSI is of dealing with problems which leave very little time to notice the good and brighter side of each claim. You must be asking yourself “what can be good about a claim?”…Well, a lot! Finding out how movers are willing to go above and beyond for their customers and watching how together we manage to turn an unhappy customer to a satisfied one is very fulfilling! Check out who we chose this year to be CSI’s choice of mover and why! Read more…

CSI is Giving Back

CSI’s daily exposure to consumers’ troubles and hardship is a constant reminder of what we have to be grateful for. It is also an opportunity to gather everyone we can and make a good deed to the human community we all live in. From sick children to senior citizens, pets and veterans, please check out CSI’s new addition to our website. Our Giving Back store! We are sure that you will find the right cause for you to donate. CSI will donate 10% of the proceedings from our store to the charity of your choice. Don’t wait to help others and check out our store today. Read more…


Over 20,000 customers so let see what some have to say…

Coincidentally, the program I coordinated was Oral Communication and research indicates that people who enjoy their work are happy employees and it will show. They will also work as hard as they feel they are worth. So, not only does Rachael possess excellent communication skills, my hat goes off to you and any other supervisors because I think you’re doing something right – Rachael likes her job.
Jane W, New Braunfels, TX


Have questions? Not sure what to do? We have compiled for you the most popular questions we come accross which we believe can be of great and immediate help for you. From Your Rights & Responsibilities When You Move, to explanation of the different coverage options you had to choose from, and any other general question you may have…it’s all here for you. Read more…