Per the Rights and Responsibilities brochure on the FMCSA site, you must break down the service charges on the Bill of Lading, unless if you’ve provided your customer with a Binding Estimate:

Except in those instances where a shipment is moving on a binding estimate, the freight bill must specifically identify each service performed, the rate or charge per service performed, and the total charges for each service.

At the time of payment of transportation charges, you are obligated to provide customers with a Bill of Lading (as the freight bill) identifying the service provided and the charge for each service. In cases where you have a signed Binding Estimate, you can skip listing out all of the services.

Why a breakdown of service charges is required?

Essentially, to stay in compliance, you must be able to explain the charges. This means that it was put in place to avoid claims of discrimination and fraud. The goal is to protect you the carrier, and also your customer from less reputable carriers.

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