Dissatisfied customers are one of the main drivers of bad business. With the ever-growing incorporation of the internet into every aspect of our lives, your reputation can shift overnight. People can voice their complaints very easily, leading potential customers away from you. Let’s discuss how moving companies can avoid complaints and stay in a healthy business. CSI offers a service to handle DOT and BBB compliance, online reviews and chargebacks, but the points below are good practice and we wanted to share them with you.

Know the laws and regulations

Many regulations can damage your company’s reputation and get you fined if not followed. Often, misunderstandings happen due to poor communication or the lack of knowledge on the client’s side.

Make sure to explain the regulations to them to avoid needless complaints. After all, it is not the client’s job to know the difference between coverage and insurance. Therefore, acquaint yourself with the protocols and the regulations that come with the business to avoid learning them the hard and costly way. 

Have streamlined communication between the teams

Your customers do not see your company as a congregation of several departments with different tasks. When your company receives a call from one of your clients, your departments must be in sync. 

To avoid miscommunication, have your departments leave notes to each other about the customers’ issues. That way, they can immediately know your client’s complaint and prevent your company from being given a bad review or losing the client.

A team of people working together.

Your departments should always keep each other informed about customers.

Only promise what you can fulfill

When making a brand for your moving business, ensure you don’t oversell what you can provide to your clients. Don’t guarantee things like never being late, always providing items unscathed, and so on. 

Instead, have well-developed working ethics and policies for unexpected damages and delays. Letting your customers know you respect them and their time is how moving companies can avoid complaints. 

Keep your movers up to date

Every moving assignment is different, and you want your movers to know the specifics. If they don’t have access to the software the rest of the company uses to communicate, you can attach the notes to the contract that the movers bring.

Highlight the tasks you can complete when promoting your business services. Know the capabilities of your movers and improve their skills. Train your movers to interact with the customers and provide them with the right tools and equipment for the job. You want your movers to give your company a professional image.

Movers expertly loading a truck is how moving companies can avoid complaints.

Let your movers know the details of the moving job on time.

Communicate with your client and ask for details

The clients might not know what information they should give you and how detailed it should be. Therefore, don’t brush off their vague answers. Explain to the customer the information you require from them. Ask them to give you more details about the inventory they want you to move if they are vague. Tell them why you need this information and build trust from it. 

One thing to keep in mind is that complaints are unavoidable. No company has ever been so flawless as to have had zero complaints. You can learn from them and make sure they don’t repeat. Finally, never promise what you can’t deliver. The best way moving companies can avoid complaints is through professionalism and how they deal with arising problems.

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