We have all experience working in a team one way or another, whether it’s in an office, or in a social setting. A team is a complicated thing, each individual is a person with needs, wishes, and aspirations, and bringing a bunch of us together could become a growth tool. There’s something to be said for an office that works together, which is what I call in the “zone” – when work becomes effortless, supportive, constructive, and incredibly satisfying when everything ties together. Now how exactly does teamwork matter and what can be done to make it happen?

The Business Case for Team Culture

Those who look to data for proof should know that companies on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For list (a list we create) perform nearly two times better in stock returns compared to broader indices. And great workplaces have voluntary turnover rates that are as much as 65% lower than their peers, helping mitigate the hefty cost of chronic employee flight (lost knowledge and productivity, hiring, onboarding, training, and other costs). That is just the start—the business case for culture is strong. You can bring it home by identifying specific initiatives in your own organization that will be helped by a greater trust.

Team Culture Drives Ownership

A strong company culture isn’t just about fun: it’s about encouraging your employees to see their job as more than just a job–to own their job and their ideas. Once you’ve built this collaborative, trusting environment, your employees will bring ideas to the table. If it’s their idea, put them in charge of it! If an employee wants to learn something new, provide the support for them to do it. You can imagine how the next time this employee goes out to meet a customer, speaks to one on the phone or picks up a piece of furniture, they will represent your business as they would their own.

Team Culture at CSI

A healthy team provides benefits for the individual and the organization. We all benefit from high productivity that only a team working together can deliver. This means all employees are engaged and vibrant in the workplace. At CSI we all have one common goal which helps you and your customers efficiently and in a friendly manner. This means that we keep constant communications with our favorite app Slack. It is a free tool for in office communications and provides reminders, conversation threads and creating channels (groups) within the organization. For example, case managers channel, adjusters channel, and our favorite Random channel where we send goofy gifs to the rest of the team.


To summarise, It’s very important to work together towards our common goal. Not only to provide the best customer service experience but to grow as a company. If you are a CSI customer you already have the upper hand and you know it. We are here for you, we are a team, you are part of our team, and together we will grow.


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