Filing a claim after a move doesn’t need to be an unpleasant experience. Many people give up on filing a claim because the process is too complicated. Luckily, contacting customer service can simplify the process. Here are all how a moving claims service provider can help you.

A moving claims service provider can help you get all the answers as a moving customer 

It’s not uncommon for people not to be sure whether they should file a claim. Moving claims service providers can help you identify the problem, examine the issue, and decide on the category of your claim. You’ll also find out if you still have time to file a claim, as most states have different regulations on these time limits. You can get all the answers regarding your claim without worrying if you’ve done something wrong. 

Filing a claim assistance 

Indeed, a moving claims service provider can help you file a claim regarding your recent relocation. Contacting customer service is the first thing to do so you can register, create a claim account and submit all the necessary information. The moving claim service provider will guide you through the process, ensuring they collect all the required information about your claim. Orange Mover professionals advise customers to be prepared for this step, ensuring they’ve got proof that some items are missing or damaged and be ready to provide all the details to make this claim successful. 

a moving claims service provider talking on the phone


Check your claim status easily

Another way a moving claims service provider can help you out is to check the status of your claim. After submitting the claim, it can take a while until it gets reviewed and you get an answer. Carriers have up to 120 days to provide you with a settlement, depending on the type of the move. The provider will tell you the status of your claim so you know when to expect the results. 

A moving claims service provider can help your business

Moving claims services are beneficial for customers and for moving businesses just as well. Taking care of a growing business can be overwhelming and dealing with customers is a task you don’t want to fail. A moving claims service provider can help you improve customer experience and give a massive weight off your shoulders. You can rely on a moving claim service provider to help you with:

  • Save you time – you don’t need to worry about filing complaints as a provider will collect the information, make claim accounts, provide feedback and communicate all the necessary details with your customers;
  • Use the right approach – dealing with customers requires particular skill and patience, which is unsuitable for everyone. An expert moving claims service provider has those communication skills so they can solve the issues while keeping a positive atmosphere;
  • Make sure that your customers always come first – excellent customer experience is essential for future success, so hire someone to help make your customers always come first by addressing their issues quickly and professionally. 
a moving claims service provider talking on the phone

Run a moving business with a complete focus on your customers.

Running a successful moving business is not about trying to do everything on your own. It’s about doing what you’re good at and relying on professionals to care for the rest. That is where a moving claims service provider can help you maintain customer experience at the highest level.



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