What do you do when you arrive to pick up a job and the broker has estimated the size of the shipment too low?  

We have some pointers for you.

1. Verify the inventory before you load any items.  Take the inventory from the Estimate and identify the items from the customer’s shipment.
2. Use a table of measurements sheet and calculate the volume. Remembering to add the 10% for dead air space.
3. If the same list of items has not changed but will take up more volume than what was estimated by the broker then prepare a Revised Estimate and discuss the situation with the customer before the loading of any items whatsoever.
4. If the list of items has changed from the original estimate, you must list out each and every single item that increased the price of the move, their individual cubic feet, then the total cubic feet.  For example: 5 boxes medium 3.0 cf each = 15 cf
! Remember the Revised Estimate is REQUIRED by Federal Regulations and is being heavily enforced


Writing this information on the Revised Estimate face of the document is mandatory and there is no way to skip this step.  If you, as the movers, do not write this information on the face of the document and have the customer sign, you are subjecting yourself and your company to major penalties/violations. In addition to you will have to refund the customer the difference between the estimated price and the actual amount the customer paid.  Regardless of all other supporting evidence, if this information is not printed on the face of the Revised Estimate then it is in violation.

Last, beware of taking a job from someone who has been known to give lower estimates just to get the job.   This will backfire and your company will pay the price through DOT complaints, BBB complaints, and just plain bad reviews resulting in a bad reputation.   

Free Download of CSI Table of Measurements: Click Here