Growth is an essential aspect of any business. However, it isn’t easy to expand if you cannot convert potential customers into clients because people are frequently unsure whether they require your services or not. Still, just because someone considered using your services and then decided against it does not mean you have lost a client. It usually means that they are not yet ready for your services. The answer to this issue is retargeting. So, what is retargeting, and why is it important for your moving business?

What Is Retargeting?

Retargeting is the practice of advertising to people who have previously visited your website. Additionally, it includes advertising to people who have expressed interest in your services without using them. This is a clever marketing strategy because it assumes that someone who thought about using your services but didn’t will be more easily converted than someone who has never thought about them.

Two people putting together a marketing campaign.

Retargeting is an excellent marketing strategy that can significantly benefit your company.

Even though people often associate retargeting with e-commerce businesses, you can effectively use it even if you are a moving company specializing in local relocations. If this is your expertise, you should make sure that you consider retargeting before you spend too much of your budget on trying to convert people who have never considered your business.

Why Is Retargeting Important?

Many marketing experts debate whether remarketing or traditional marketing is preferable because it is unclear which is better. While you can spend your marketing budget broadly, you risk wasting it on people you will never convert. On the other hand, you can spend it on potential clients you know you can convert. This method, however, will come at the expense of a larger reach. The best thing you can do is aim for a balance of both. It’s a successful method that hundreds of marketers use every day to target near-organic users with messaging, advertising, and push notifications focused on the next step of the process.

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Retargeting will help your company stay on a consumer’s mind until you can convert them.

While curiosity does not guarantee conversions, retargeting helps to keep your brand on the potential client’s mind. People’s commitment will be stronger if they think about your brand before deciding. Chargebacks and complaints are much less likely with retargeted clients than with those who hire you without careful consideration.

When Should You Use Retargeting Campaigns?

If you wish to create a retargeting campaign but are unsure when it would be appropriate, we will outline a few situations and ways to do it. The main three scenarios when retargeting is a great opportunity are:

  1. If your website receives a consistent traffic flow, such as one hundred visitors per month
  2. If you are expanding your services to include another aspect of moving
  3. When you need to increase brand recognition
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If your main webpage receives consistent traffic, you should consider implementing a retargeting campaign.

So, what is retargeting and why is it important for your moving business? When you get the answer to this question, you learn how it can benefit your company and, more importantly, how to put that knowledge to use.




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